Did you know….. Our Redeemer’s has a prayer chain!!
If you would like to join our Prayer Chain or have a Prayer request, please contact Pastor Obermann 673-3312 or 309-635-5987

 If you cannot reach Pastor Obermann contact an elder:
Cary Voss 307-746-4060
Kim Horkey 605-209-7550
Greg Westerfield 673-5568
 Jim Kor 673-3130.






Jim Buchanan - for health; son-in-law of Mike & Karen Carr

Karla Virtue 

Cameron Hudson - who is being deployed for active duty

Lily Malan

Tasia Boson - for healing

Jesse Perrigo-  for healing

Lloyd Aman -  for healing

Bill Hiller for healing Brother of Elma DuChateau

 Chris and family - for healing

Lisa Stuen - For healing and strength, daughter of Ken and Rita Stuen

Laurel Cerrol  for healing

Brian Madeztke for health

Lorrene sister of Caroline Medina

Hiram Neiffer

Iona sister of Lois Larson

Delores Horkey

Chris Carr  for protection and wisdom

Greg Hadlock  for protection and wisdom

Kitty Aman  for health

Toby Magnson  for encouragement, Nephew of Larel Ceroll

Rand Cummings for health and healing, Grandson of Rich and Arlene Keuck