Dear Saints of Our Redeemer,

“Son, hold your horses!”

“But Opa I don’t have any horses to hold!”

I cannot tell you how many times my Opa would tell me these words. “Just hold your horses!” Looking back, I realize what he was trying to teach me. That fishing requires a lot of patience. But when I was a five year old boy, it was hard to stay patient when you do not see your bobber go under. Over time, as I learned the lesson, patience came easier. Yet, there are still times on the lake when it is hard to be patient.

Patience is hard. A virtue that we have to practice a lot. A virtue that we need to pray over. It seems like over and over throughout our days, our patience is put to the test. Whether it be trying to please children, pets, bosses, waiting areas, highway construction and the like. Or it is through dealing with issues that we may believe we can do better. Like folding the clothes, putting away the dishes, cooking supper, making the bed, picking up toys, making coffee and the like. Our patience can run thin. Instead of dealing with problems patiently, we let our anger get the a hold of us.
Instead of appreciating people for the things they do, we berate them because they did not do it the way we want them to.

I write these words to you this month, since at our December voters meeting, you will be electing or approving a new slate of individuals. Which you will be putting your trust in as they help us focus on the vision of Our Redeemer. These individuals will be men and women who will become your servant leaders. They will seek to serve the congregation first, instead of trying to serve themselves. We are thankful for their response in being asked. We thank them for the jobs that they will do.
We thank them for their servant attitude.

With these words, I ask you, to deal with them in patience. Patience, as we learn their style of serving.   Patience, as we see that they will not serve in the same way as those who went before them. Patience, not in correcting or berating them, but in encouraging, supporting them in their service to you and to Our Redeemer. Patience in appreciation for the job being done.

For without patience, we will not have people who are willing to serve. St. Paul encourages us as we work in the unity of the body of Christ in his letter to the Ephesians 4:2 “with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.”

Sitting alone on a lake, just casting and reeling in the lure. It is hard to remain patient for the first bite. It is the same when being served. It is hard to sit and remain patient, as we think we can do it better. In that fame of mind, it is hard to remain appreciated of those who are serving you, when you constantly berate or correct the job that is serving you.   But it is with this that I pray, that together, we can practice our patience as we encourage and appreciate those who are serving us.

In Christ,

Pastor Eric


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Since we participate in the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion you should consider these questions and be able to give affirmative answers to each before you come forward

1) Are you a baptized believer in Jesus? (Acts 2:38,39)

2) Do you understand you are a sinner and in need of God's forgiveness? (Romans 7:24, 25a)

3) Do you desire His forgivenss and intend to amend your life by the power of His Holy Spirit? (Romans 6:1-4)

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