Dear Saints of Our Redeemer,

“Dad, how did you know what the sermon is going to be about?” I can’t tell you how many times I would ask my dad that question growing up. Most Sundays after Sunday school, I would head off into the church sanctuary. Where I would find my parents sitting, mostly my dad. My mom would be too busy talking to everyone. Almost every time I would find my dad completing the sermon outline that was printed in the bulletin. Here is where I tell you that my dad hadn’t heard the sermon. In fact church hadn’t even began. My dad just knew what the sermon would be about. Thus I would ask my question. My dad’s response, well he would just say that he was prepared for the service. That response never helped me much. No matter how hard I tried. I could never get those sermon outlines filled out. Either before or during or after the sermon. I tried to listen the best I could. It just never happen. I often recalled these memories of my dad. I think about the preparedness that he had for the Sunday morning experience. That he could tell me what Pastor Miller or Hartman(the two pastors who served my home church) were going to say in their sermons. It wasn’t because my dad was some know it all theologian. No, no, no, my dad was just your average joe worship attender. Though I will never forget how my dad would answer that one question I would ask him every Sunday. “How do you know?” My dad would always respond I read the Bible. He didn’t say it in jest. He didn’t say it to make himself look better. But it was a subtle hint to me. That by reading, staying in God’s written word, the Bible. I, too, would know what the sermons would be about. Something that I didn’t take to heart till later in life. As I matured. That the more I read the Bible. Hear the word of God, read the word of God, digest the word of God, I am never surprised when it comes to listening to sermons. Every once in a while, someone will come up to me. They will let me know that they know what I am preaching about. In my mind I am thinking, “oh yeah?” But in my heart I often know that it is probably true. In this, I am reminded in Acts 2:42 “They devoted themselves to the disciples’ teaching and to fellowship and to the breaking of bread.” By devoting ourselves, we are in turn preparing ourselves each week for the coming sermon, the coming together of fellowship, and the breaking of bread. We come ready to hear and receive the gifts that God gives us through his Son, Jesus. A couple of easy ways to do prepare each week. One is to read the readings that are appointed for each Sunday. If you need to find these readings, you can go to either or google search LCMS lectionary. Or you can ask the office, and we get you a copy. Or there are some calendars that different publishing houses make that print the weekly readings. Two, I have been trying to remember to publish in the newsletter the sermon titles for each month, with the according references the sermon will be on. That means coming up in the next month of September I will be preaching on the book of James. Followed by in October/November the book of Hebrews. I pray this helps you each and every week we come together to receive God’s grace, mercy and peace!
In Christ,
Pastor Eric

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Anyone interested in becoming a new member or taking new member classes are invited to visit/call Pastor Obermann

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  Holy Communion


 Every fifth Sunday

Since we participate in the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion you should consider these questions and be able to give affirmative answers to each before you come forward

1) Are you a baptized believer in Jesus? (Acts 2:38,39)

2) Do you understand you are a sinner and in need of God's forgiveness? (Romans 7:24, 25a)

3) Do you desire His forgivenss and intend to amend your life by the power of His Holy Spirit? (Romans 6:1-4)

4) Do you believe that the Body and Blood of Jesus are present with the bread and the wine for the forgiveness of your sins? (1 Corinthians 10:16) 







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There is a children's nursery downstairs in the Youth Room. The service may be watched on the television located in the room. Please let an usher know if you need assistance. 







 Church Library 

We have a wonderful Church Library
If you would like to donate books or check them out to readSee Caroline Medina.




Emily and I invite you to our home on September 15th to come and meet our daughter. We will be hosting an open house. Come for lite snacks and drinks which will be provided. Come for a time of fellowship and fun! Look forward to seeing you all here.
ORLC Church Council Meeting has been changed
to September 23rd after Bible Study
From the Stewardship Committee

It’s September, and everything is in full swing again: back to school and back to church attendance after vacations and weekends away. It’s also a perfect time to get back to basics, back to the foundation. At the end of the first of his chapters on the virtue of faith in Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis provides a helpful reminder, by way of analogy, for the foundation of stewardship.

He wrote: Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already. So then, when we talk of a man doing anything for God or giving anything to God, I will tell you what it is really like. It is like a small child going to its father and saying, “Daddy, give me six pence to buy you a birthday present.” Of course, the father does, and he is pleased with the child’s present. It is all very nice and proper, but only an idiot would think that the father is sixpence to the good on the transaction. When a man has made these two discoveries God can really get to work. It is after this that real life begins. (128– 129).

This is the first thing we are given to confess about stewardship, and it has to do with ownership. God owns everything, and we are simply managers — stewards — acting on His behalf. This is true not only of all that we have in this life (Deuteronomy 8:17–18), but also all that we are in this life (1 Corinthians 6:20). We have everything we need to support this body and life from our God’s fatherly divine goodness and mercy, without any merit or worthiness in us.

We have everything we need for our spiritual life also from His merciful hands.
 Cup of Fellowship:

The Cup of Fellowship is in great need of volunteers. The kitchen committee would like members of our faith community to either make a donation for supplies or offer to bring in items for serving. A salad, cheese, crackers or cookies, cut veggies or another item. If you would rather not serve as hostess and bring an item, that is fine. If you would rather host but cannot bring an item that is fine. We just need help in providing this very important service to our members and guests on Sunday.
If you can help in anyway, please contact Barbara Voss (307) 746-3094; or Cynthia Ramold (605) 673-2450.
Thank You very much

Women’s Illuminating Study
The Women's Illuminating Study Group has resumed 
If you are interested in joining us call Cynthia Ramold 650-673-2450 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you! Cynthia
LWML schedule for September
Craft/Coffee is scheduled to start meeting on September 6th and the 20th.
Mites can still be dropped off in the box in the Narthex.
We have baby and baptism cards downstairs for 50 cents each, plus birthday, get well, sympathy, encouragement, wedding and anniversary cards. All money made from these cards is used for the mission work of the Dorcas Society and the LWML.

Men's Coffee Hour

Wednesday Mornings at 7 am 

"Our Place"
Join us for 10 min or an hour you are all welcome to join us. 
Please contace Pastor Obermann to find out where to meet.

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